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Author: Ella Goode

Genres: Romance



“When I get my hands on Tina, I’m going to wring her scrawny little neck.” I squeeze the steering wheel tight enough the leather seam is going to be imprinted on my palm.

Even through the double pane glass of the ShopMart, I can tell Summer is beautiful. Her hair is long and thick, forming a golden around her oval face. I can’t tell what color her eyes are, but they’re big and fringed with long lashes. She’d look hot as fuck on her knees staring up at me through that veil. I grind the back of my teeth together and slam the truck into gear.

As I’m speeding toward home, I get my sister on speed dial. “What the fuck, Tina?”

“Hello to you, too, big brother. I’m fine, thanks for asking. The whole situation with the peeping Tom turned out to be Don, so you don’t have to have another sleepless night worrying about little old me.” Tina’s sarcasm is hard to miss even through the phone and I’m in no mood for it, especially after the stunt she just pulled.

“The hell are you going on about? That problem was a month ago, and Chief Erickson called me the day your dumbfuck boyfriend confessed.”

“What has crawled up your backside and bitten you in the nuts, Kale?”

“I just saw the new housekeeper you hired at the ShopMart.”



I allow the grim silence to hang between us until Tina caves. “You don’t think she’s pretty?” she asks in a small voice.

I spare a glance down at the bulge in my jeans. “What do you think?”

“You’re all alone out there and you never come into town except to pick up the occasional package at the post office that requires a signature so how else will you meet someone nice?”

I release a long, frustrated exhale. “I don’t want to meet anyone nice. How many times do we have to have this damn conversation? I’m satisfied with my life.”

“See! You said you were satisfied!” she cries. “This is why I hired Summer, because I want you to be happy, not just satisfied.”

“Happiness is for losers.” I jab my finger against the phone screen and end the call. The big iron gate to my property slowly swings open as I approach. I punch the gas and the black metal misses the side mirror by a whisker as I speed through and kicks up a boatload of dust, nearly scratching the paint on my baby blue pickup, and slamming the door shut does nothing to reduce my frustration.

I toss my hat and keys on the counter, toe off my boots, and head straight for the shower, leaving the stupid fucking package I just had to go and sign for in the back of the pickup. New steel cutters can’t hold my interest right now. My dick is raging.

I put the cold on full blast and step inside without even taking off my clothes, but the frigid water doesn’t temper my erection. As the water sluices over my face and makes the denim and cotton stick to my skin, I think of Summer’s beauty.

How in the hell am I going to be able to survive with her in my house, shaking her ass and bouncing her titties all over my space? She looks like she smells like a goddamned bouquet and she probably tastes like the best pie in the county. If I ever got my tongue between her legs, it’d be over for me. I know it, and it fucking sucks.

I rip open my jeans and fist my aching cock. Tina can go to hell for this, putting this kind of torment right under my nose. Every day I’m going to be watching the clock, waiting for that girl to get out of her bed. I’m going to sneak into her room and bury my nose in her sheets. I’m going to steal her panties and use them to choke my fuckstick every night as I jack off thinking about her bending over to pick up a tissue she’s dropped. I’ll probably get wood getting a glass of water because she’ll have been at that sink with the water splashing up and wetting her shirt until it sticks to her tits and her nipples just against the fabric, trying to poke a hole through it.

I twist my shaft harder and rougher. I’m already imagining bending her over the kitchen table and fucking her until the thing collapses beneath us. I wouldn’t stop there. I’d pick her up and take her over the back of the sofa and on the stairs. I’d finish her in the bedroom, pulling her hair back, making her choke on my dick with her hands tied behind her back, and then I’d pull out and spend all over her face and chest until she’s painted with my seed. I’d rub that into her skin like a moisturizer so when she went to town other men would smell me on her and they would stay away.

That’s what I’d do if she were here in my house, which is why she can’t come here. I can’t have her even get through the gates because if she does, how the hell am I going to hold back? I’ll probably end up attacking her in the driveway, kneeling on the concrete, tearing off her clothes and diving between her legs before she can even get a glimpse of me. I jerk my meat harder and harder, twisting and rubbing until the orgasm has me grunting out my half-baked pleasure.

I wash off and shut down the water. I let my sodden clothes drop to the floor and leave the bathroom quickly but not before I catch a glimpse of my scarred face and back. Her not seeing me is the only way I’d be able to touch her--in the dark where she can’t lay eyes on the beast I’ve become.









“You sure about this?” Eden asks me for the tenth time as she shuts the trunk of my car. We finally stuffed the last box in there. It feels as though we’ve been loading it up for days instead of hours.

“I don’t really have much of a choice.” I look to Colby, who is sitting on the porch playing with his remote control car. He doesn't really understand what’s happening. We’re moving again and I know change can be frightening sometimes. He’s such a sweet, innocent boy. One that doesn’t deserve the hand he was dealt.

“God, I hate your mom so much.”

“The feeling is mutual.” I both hate her and feel sorry for her. Our lives all changed two years ago when a semi blew through a red light, plowing into my parents’ car. Dad died instantly. Mom spent a few months in the ICU but by some miracle, Colby didn't have one scratch on him.

“She might not come back. Then you could just stay here.” She motions to the house. My mom rented it a year ago after she lost our childhood home to the bank. I didn't know what was happening until it was too late. She had been pouring all her money into pain pills. She couldn't deal with the loss of my dad. They had been high school sweethearts and so in love. Once he died, she fell to pieces. No matter how much she tried, she could never pick them all up. She might as well have died that day with him.

I find myself getting angry at her more often than feeling compassion for her these days. Not understanding how she could be so careless with Colby.

“No, I thought that last time. Then I woke up to a strange man being in the house that she brought home.” My stomach turns thinking about it. “Plus, with this job I can save all my money. I won’t have a house to keep up. These lawyer bills are not going to be cheap if I’m going for custody. Colby will have as normal of a life as I can give him. I’ll make sure of it.”

“She may not fight you.”

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