Love Statuses for Whatsapp and Facebook

Love Quotes, Statuses and SMS for Whatsapp and Facebook
Love Quotes, Statuses and SMS for Whatsapp and Facebook

Love status for whatsapp enables you to interpret your feelings through updating of your mood as status on your whatsapp application. Whatsapp is arguably the most popular and used social media mobile application in the world. The application achieved this foot due to its multi-platform functionality and it makes it very easy to connect to our friends and family with free messaging and free calls.

If you have been looking for a nice status to update, funny status about love, then is the right place to check-in for the best whatsapp status messages and quotes. The status reflects our mood and feelings, you are in the right place. You can easily let your friends and family know how much you feel about someone, let them know if you are happy or not through your status. As a result of that, this website will cater for whatsapp status update for love, love status for whatsapp and so on. You can browse through any love status for whatsapp in different perspectives and we will endeavor to add love status in multiple languages as well.

The whatsapp love status can also be used as facebook love status, twitter updates and other social media apps status updates. Below are the collection of love status for whatsapp, love quotes for your boyfriend and girlfriend, condolence message, and others.

 Love status for Whatsapp:

Always Young
A heart that loves is always young. I’m your baby.

If I like you
I do not have a ‘type’, If I like you, I like you. That’s it.

Super cute
Hey beautiful, You look super cute when you smile 🙂

Even Imagine
You can’t even imagine that how much I love talking to you.

It’s you
Whenever I get a text, I always hope that it’s from you..

Too Easy
The problem with you is that you give up way too easy.

I Want
I want you to love me for who I am, not who you want me to be.

Special to Him
If he stays up late just to talk to you, you’re defiantly special to him.

When Someone Flirt
I just get angry when someone flirts with you.

God’s Gift
God’s gift to me is you and you are the air that I breathe.

Like It when
I really like it when you smile, but I’ll love it even more if I’m the reason

No Buts and Why’s
I love you and I just do it. There are no maybe’s, no buts, and no why’s.

Feel so fine..
I feel so fine when I am with you. I can leave anything just for your company.

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