Whatsapp Prayers for Your Love

Prayers are a good gesture in any form. You can send them by face to face, calling through phone or even sending the text. Here are some collection of prayers for Whatsapp. Send to your loved ones and earn respect in their eyes.


1. There is peace for the grasses at any rainfall; in all your STEPPINGS in life you will never know sadness. God shall elevate you and give you all your heart wishes

2. May God change your discomfort to COMFORT, your limit to LIMITLESS, your losses to PROFITS , your pains to GAINS, your cry to SMILES, your debts to CREDITS, your grief to PLEASURES, your bad wishers to WELL WISHERS, your good dream to REALISM & stamp all these EVERLASTING

3. God will unlock the right door, show you the way to the right path & consign the right people in your life

4. As God saved Yinus from the hostage of fish, Abraham from fire torment, Moses from King Pharaoh, Jesus from the Jews, Muhammed from the Kufr, May God saved you from all form of oppression and subjugation

5. As Allah is the best provider, may he provide you with the best of everything, open the gate of mercy and forgiveness for you

6. May the prominence of this day convey lots of happiness into your life, may you commemorate it with all your close buddies & fill up your heart with wonders

7. I ask Almighty God to consecrate you, to keep you safe, to bestow peace on you, to give you happiness and to LOVE you till eternity

8. May today and everyday be packed with the warmth of sunshine, the pleasure of smiles, the sound of laughter, the sensation of love and the sharing of good cheers

9. May you have all the pleasure your heart can hold, all the smiles a day can bring, all the abundant blessings a life can unfold & may you have God’s best in everything

10. Count your life blessings by smile not with tears, count your age by the might of dream not by years. Let your eye shine with the glitz of future. Live your life with pleasure not with worries. Sooner or later, life is going to be better and the dark shadow will then be traitor. May confidence & bliss abide with you always. Stay blessed.

11. A day will come when the whole world will celebrate your name, your prominence, your individuality, and your views. But keep in mind its by God’s doing & he will surely be of help to you

12. It is a victory you truly deserve, an achievement you have truly earned; I congratulate you and wish you all the best for the future

13. Salam, you will rejoice like Daud, reign like Sulayman, lead like Hamza, laugh like Aishat, favoured like Khadijah, established like Adam and blessed like Muhammed (S.A.W)

14. Life is by favour not by labour, by mercy not by merit, by grace not by grade, may the grace, favour, & mercy of the Lord locate you in this season and eternally

15. Whatever is sweet, whatever is good and blessed, whatever gives you joy and peace, whatever makes you happy, that is all I wish for you today and always

16. A leaf is gloriously on the tree, the moment it drops, it loses its glory. May you never drop from God’s divine grace, mercy and protection

17. As the day blossoms, may the journey of your life be fragrant with new opportunities, your days be bright with new hope and your heart be filled with love

18. Dear, God will identify, beautify, purify, magnify and qualify you for greatness and you shall testify to his greatness

19. May you witness God’s wonder, treasure without measure, pleasure without pressure and progress without protest

20. I come with a prayer to bless your moment, a wish to brighten your moment, a cheer to perfect your day and a text to say

21. Your life shall be valuable like the QURAN, cherished like HADITH, meaningful as the word of ALLAH and appreciable as ROSULULLAH

22. A human life is like a book. May today’s page bring to you, upliftment, mercy, favour and a double portion of everything good

23. May God rise with you and make you known to the world. You will live an extraordinary life of victory and excellence

24. Today, God will make you a wonder to your world, he will contend with those who contend with you


25. Delay isn’t denial, though a vision tarries, be steadfast

26. The sun never struggle to shine, your success t any turnout will be a head to all and second to none

27. Ramadan comes once in a year but Rahma abides forever. May you enjoy his Rahma till Yawma-l-qiyama. May Allah increase your Iman, grant you Ihsan, bestow on you Sabr, delight you in Dhikr, bless you with Tagwa, accept your Tawba and honour you in Aljannah. (Ameen)

28. Joy instead of sorrow, promotion in place of stagnation, honour minus shame, favour without misfortune. So shall it be unto you

29. In the ink of honour shall your name be written. In the river of courage shall all your fears be drowned. From the cup of grace shall you receive favour. (Ameen)

30. If God can leave the door of Noah’s ark open long enough for the snake to enter, his door of divine favour shall not close until his perfect will is done in your life

31. From the dreams of your heart to the prayers on your lip, to every expectation and aspiration you have. May God answer them in earnest

32. As no power can stop the sun from shining, so shall you be unstoppable in all your endeavours

33. May God bless you with what you prayed for, reward you with what you worked for, grant you with what you hope for and surprise you with what is good that you have not asked for

34. May God be with you at each step you take
May he guide you with each choice you make
May he help you when life gets rough
May he raise you when you have had as much as necessary
May he care for you when you fall
May he hear you when you call
May all you prayers be accepted
May you always be in God’s loving hand

35. May God lead you through the right path, place you on the right way and bring you in contact with the right people

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