Whatsapp Quotes of Encouragement

Whatsapp Quotes of Encouragement
Whatsapp Quotes of Encouragement

There was a particular novel introduced to me by my brother titled Time Is Not NowI found it very interesting and motivating enough that it actually lifts up my spirit at that time with some inspirational words of encouragement filled in that particular novel. I was really depressed and fed up then just because things aren’t working well for me.

Are there shortcuts to being a successful man? When you have families of 5, yourself, one wife and three kids. I could remember the oldest of the kid was able to finish High School, thanks to the free education introduced by the Government of their country, while the second child was in his second year in the high school and the last child was just 4 years old and she couldn’t go to school with the belief that a female child education is not that important.

Alex was a very poor and hardworking man. He was a true and hardworking man but he was not getting compensation for his agility. The family hardly eats three meals a day; they had two if they were lucky. Alex was hopeless but his beautiful wife Tarah keeps encouraging him that There Time Is Not Yet Now. It is obvious God’s time is the best and in the end, the family became one of the richest families in their town and they lived happily at the end. I won’t be able to narrate the full story but I think the bit it’s enough to tell you that destiny can never be changed and God’s time is the best.

Oh, lest I forgot, I also want to share a story of a vagrant. He has a home neither a job. He begged for alms and sleep under the bridge. This happened somewhere in Africa, the city is very large and is one of the most populous cities in West Africa. This man often thinks there is something wrong with him but as he grows old, he realized there is something wrong with everybody and this boosts his sense of inspiration. He heard the news of a beggar that became one of the most sorted musicians in the world and guess what; the poor man was inspired by the news. No talent is waste, this man is very comic, he stopped begging for alms and started making people laugh. He kept doing that till he turned a landlord. From this story, I learn that talent is not meant to be kept, explore yourself, also never give up, believe in your ability and what you can achieve as a person. Above all, be inspired and encourage yourself to do things you think you cannot do.

I learned from the two stories above and got inspired. You know sometimes, you just get tired of life and you might just consider committing suicide. Believe that is not the best option for you because the patient dog carries the fattest bone.

Are you having a terrible, horrible, very bad, worst moment?

Are you feeling depressed today?

You know sometimes, when you wake up in the morning, you have this feeling of Today is going to be a good day or Today gonna be a stressful day. Your light-hearted mood can just shift to heavy-laden with no obvious reason for such.

Life strikes us with dissatisfaction, a test of a different kinds, heartbreak, heartache, depression and so on. And do you know there is a cure to such a mood? Yes, there is, because I have tried it several times and it works.

Here is the magic

When I’m having a very bad, awful and no good day, I don’t want to feel sad and I believe I can keep moving so my first reaction is to push and ignore the bad feelings. This actually works on many occasions and it helps me shake off the bad mood. The only situation it won’t work is when I lack motivation or word of encouragement to do anything.

Then I know what I need to win the situation whenever I lack motivation, this is the time I need some words of encouragement and motivational words since those are the things I am missing. I need some force to pull me out of the despondency and re-structure my thoughts.

Those words of encouragement, inspiring words, motivational words will replace my negative thoughts with good feelings and guess what, I find my rhythm (good feelings) in no time.

Some motivational quotes for Whatsapp:

Whatsapp Status
Motivation Whatsapp Status

“I don’t want to be selfish so I decided to share those inspiring and words of encouragement to lift your courage and brighten up your day.”

“Failure is not the end, not the falling down but the staying down, for every mistakes, there is always a second chance for a retry.”
“Soldiers are human, though they were trained for wars but it requires courage to undergo the training to stand and fight. You may be compelled to face danger but don’t fear it, be courageous.”
“In football, you might get knocked by your opponent but what matter most is whether you get up again.”
“For the fact that the airplane takes off against the wind and not with it, everything that is going against you can never go with you.”
“If there is a voice telling within you saying you cannot do it, start doing it and the voice will keep silent.”
“Believe in your ability, your own power to do whatever is necessary, celebrate like you never did. There is no nice state of mind better than that.”
“A pessimist sees complexity in every opportunity while the optimist sees opportunity in every complexity. So you know the best to be.”
“A young vagrant will always feel something is not right with himself but as he gets older, he grows more confident in himself, he will start to realize that there is something wrong with everyone else.”
“Cheering people to do work for you is as cheap as the price of getting them to do it for you. Be a master of encouragement.”
“Like a decade ago, my elder brother who was twelve years old at the time was trying to get a detail written on birds that he would had like two to three months to write which was due the next day. We were out at our family lodge and my…”
“The stronger you climb, the higher your base, the harder you fall, the heavier your heart.”

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